Jeff is our Director of Technology and CNC guru. He taught CNC machine operation and programming for many years with a well-known CNC machine manufacturer. He was also involved in complex installs and trouble-shooting. There isn't much that Jeff doesn't know about CNC wood routing machines and programing, essential for ensuring a high-quality end product.
Vice President of Operations and Sales
Anitra is at the center of our operations and sales. She runs the business on a weekly basis while ensuring excellence in customer service and technical support.  Anitra is always up to speed on your order (and just about everything else), so If you need something really fast, she's the person to talk to .... nicely! 
Director of Technology
CNC Expert
Factory Manager

Company History

The company was established in 1987 as J. Waters, Inc. and was bought by Roger and Lois Nightingale in 2005. The principles Roger used for many years as an electrical engineer have been applied to Nightingale Doors' processes to establish today's high-quality products.

Business Philosophy

Nacho is our factory manager. He joined the company just after its inception (1988) so is very experienced with manufacturing flush style doors. Thanks to Nacho and our versatile manufacturing process, the factory is able to "jump through hoops" when a fast turnaround is needed!
Julie is our Operations Administrator. She joined the company after working many years for a local government. Julie is our daily liason with the factory to ensure we are up to date with the production schedule and issues. She's also our day-to-day accounts lead. Julie is the person you will contact for your order progress update. If an issue arises, you can be sure she will contact you.
Operations Admin
Keep our customers highly satisfied with excellent Customer Service and Support;
Resolve issues as quickly as possible;
Supply and deliver high quality products by the promised date;
Immediately address and inform the customer about any unanticipated "surprises";
Create trust through timely and honest communication;
Be flexible;
Work closely with our customers to supply correct products first time;
Provide a personalized service;
Offer our knowledge, expertise, and extensive experience whenever needed.